Created in May of 2020 as an outlet to host COVID friendly sim racing for a community of Canadian racing drivers, Full Send Racing Network has become the digital platform for Marshall Crocker Jr’s broadcasting endeavors, including that of the Bandit Racing League.

Though the channel did not begin broadcasting races in the BRL until July of 2021, it did formerly play host to the Karts To Computers Racing Series and the Snowstorm Open Wheel Racing Series. These two series are championships comprising both oval and road course racing, made up of a modestly sized group of racing veterans and junior aspiring racers alike. Though the Snowstorm Series is currently on a hiatus, it will return to the channel in late 2021, and will be open to drivers from all walks of life, including the Bandit Racing League.

Though currently only these two series fall under the banner of the Full Send Racing Network, the channel is always looking for new series interested in having their events broadcasted to a wider viewer base in a manner that is passionate, genuine, and engaging.

To contact the series about a broadcasting inquiry, email Marshall Crocker Jr. at:



Marshall Crocker - Channel Founder, Broadcast Producer and Play-by-Play Commentator

Marshall Crocker is a Canadian aspiring sports television anchor who became involved with the Bandit Racing League in January of 2021. After commentating alongside Evan Wall for the duration of the Bandit Racing League’s Eighth Season, he has since taken over the responsibilities of producing the Ninth Season of the Bandit Racing League in the Geezer Authentic’s Truck Series.

Being introduced to motorsports through Formula 1, Indycar, and GT class endurance racing, Marshall has since grown a passionate interest in stock car racing, particularly in the three primary tiers of NASCAR racing. Aside from his own racing pursuits on IRacing, he is also a 10+ year veteran karting driver, who hopes to someday be given a part-time opportunity in a higher-tier rung of motorsports. His passion for road course racing has him very interested in competing in some of Bandit’s road course events, including potentially at Road America and Watkins Glen in Season 9.

Though currently enrolled in university to become a motorsports commentator for less sim-oriented racing action, he will continue to produce the remainder of the broadcasts in Season 9, and likely many more later on in the Bandit Racing League’s life.

Evan Wall - Color Commentator, Graphic Designer, Former Broadcast Producer

Evan Wall is an aspiring race broadcaster. He became involved with the Bandit Racing League before their seventh season when he took his talents in graphic design and video editing into live race broadcasting. Wall was the sole producer and commentator for most of season seven, but found Marshall Crocker to co-commentate in season eight. Wall needed to step away from his producer role before the start of the current season, but it has helped him focus on graphic design to make the broadcasts look better than ever before.

Evan has always loved racing, especially at short tracks. His family has a history of racing in North Alabama including his father, grandfather, uncle, and cousin who is a current late model racer at Nashville Fairgrounds, Montgomery, and Five Flags. Even though Wall never had the opportunity to race himself, he has a passion for racing and hopes to one day be involved in broadcasting racing that isn’t simulated. His dream would be owning a business broadcasting local short track racing across the country and bringing it into a larger spotlight.

Wall is currently enrolled at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa majoring in News Media with a concentration in Sports Media. Throughout the rest of the season he will continue to color commentate, while also hopping in a truck for at least a couple of races as the season goes on.

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